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Monday, 9 November 2009

A bad weekend...

..This is a hard post to write because I like my blog to try and focus on the positive and stay upbeat wherever possible. But it also has to be a real blog and update everyone on Elin's progress, which took a bit of a de-tour this weekend. After months of fairly good seizure control with her epilepsy med combination, Elin had what we had been dreading and hoping would never happen- a grand mal seizure. This is a big one, and much more typical of what you think of when you imagine an epileptic fit. We prayed they would be kept at bay, but out of nowhere on Saturday she started having a seizure that she didn't come out of. I took her to hospital where they gave her a dose of medazolam and put her in HDU. At first it didn't seem to be working and just as they got a canular into her hand for a stronger, introrvenus drug, she came out of it. After an hour of sleep she was right as rain and back to her old self. They could not find a trigger for it and don't know if it will ever happen again or not. We were devestated as she had been doing so well lately and her seizures had been fine. It felt like we were being punished for believing things were improving for her. We spent the night on the ward so they could watch her and were discharged yesterday with the promise of a phone call from Elin's consultant, who was off yesterday, to discuss upping her current meds. I will also need to keep the medazolam at home to administer myself if it happens again. They call it 'rescue' medicine. Today I feel like I need to be rescued too.

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