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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

A Year Out

Today, the 11th October, is a special day in the Drake household. Today marks one whole glorious year since Elin was last admitted to hospital. That is the first year of her life that has been completely hospital-free. 365 amazing days. In your face Cerebral Palsy! Also, in your face Alder Hey Neurologist (who insisted to us after her newborn brain scan that she would yo-yo in and out of hospital so regularly throughout her life that we wouldn't know which way was up). IN. YOUR. FACE.
Being admitted to hospital isn't always a big deal. Not when you're used to it. You know the routine. You know the doctors. You love the Nurses (plus Nurses breakfast toast is the best). You've been in every cube, you could re-paint the colourful wall decorations yourself from memory alone. It's so familiar. As long as Elin isn't too poorly, it's not like it's the worst thing in the world and we are forever grateful that we have the facility at all (cheers Aneurin). BUT at the same time, let's be honest, it kind of sucks. It's lonely, draining, worrying and worst of all it's really not nice for Elin. So, we have always been really pleased when we've had a long spell without making the dreaded phone call to the ward admissions. Not only is this good for family life of course but much more importantly it demonstrates just how BRILLIANTLY Elin's been doing lately.
We are so proud.
She is such a fighter. She's strong and robust and resilient and all the things those doomsday doctors prophesied she would not be. And what a demonstration of how a scan can show you a picture of a brain, but it cannot photograph the spirit.

Long may it continue.
Well done Elin :-)

On our way home last year for the last time in 52 weeks and counting


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