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Thursday, 1 September 2016

The Chronicles of Elin (Part Four)

Pinch and a punch, first of the month!! Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits...etc etc!! That's it!! School's went back today. Summer is officially over. It might be my imagination but there is a distinctly 'Autumnal' feel in the air today! I LOVE Autumn and never mourn the end of Summer, but if I was going grieve the end of the season then this would definitely be the year to do it.
Summer 2016, you've been AMAZING.
Elin has been amazing.
She has been so well and so regularly happy in her chair that we have had a wonderfully relaxing and fun six weeks. Hardly any dystonia has meant plenty of trips out. No visits to the doctors, or the hospital, or even any worries that she is a bit off colour. Thank you, universe, for fulfilling one of our little wishes. We really don't take it for granted. We couldn't be happier as our holiday ends, there's lots of changes coming up (more on that later) but we're ready for whatever you've got. Bring it on.
So here are my final photo's from the end of the holidays. Elin can't wait to get back to school and see her teacher and key worker as she has really missed them. Routine is good for her. But how nice it's been not to have one for a while. Really, really nice :-)
Thanks for taking an interest in the holidays of our girl xx

Visits from buddy Mollie (and her sister Rosie who didn't want her picture taken haha)
Yep- guess who we saw AGAIN last week? Gruff!! That cheeky monkey gets everywhere. Had him all to ourselves for the night whilst his Mummy and Daddy had a much deserved break. Elin, of course, loved it.

Hanging around in the garden :-) 

Ty Mawr and their fabulous inclusive park. We messaged inclusive play with this photo to say thank you and they used it on their website! How lovely. 
It's quite nice where we live really, isn't it :-) :-) 

We have made great use of our National Trust membership this holiday. Erddig, about six minutes drive from us is simply beautiful and we had a lovely time sitting in the gardens on such a sunny bank holiday Monday

Sunny selfie :-) 

Shhhh!! Don't tell anyone again but Elin had another date!! Things are getting serious. Not the zoo this time, or her birthday party, but just a nice relaxed third date in the garden. I am absolutely convinced that Elin knew it was Llew from his breathing as she started beaming as soon as she lay next to him! Adorable!!

Enjoying games with Daddy. Elin is definitely a fan of the beard. I think I am too, when controlled. Let it get to wild and it starts to look a bit 'Miracle on 34th Street'  :-) I love Christmas but it doesn't mean I want to be married to Santa. 

Speaking of hair, Elin has had a new haircut ready for school. The girls in Imagine Hair Design in Ruabon are so good with her but it helps that she absolutely loves getting her hair cut! I think its the water spray and the sound of the scissors. I think this photo is just beautiful.
This was taken on the last day of the holidays (well-for Paul anyway!!) An absolutely stunning day at one of our favourite places, Chirk Castle. Elin loved it as much as we did. We are feeling very lucky as the holidays draw to a close, hope you are too lovely reader. Until next time...


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