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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

24 hour party people :-)

Hi Elin fans! As promised here is a quick update on the big birthday weekend..
Elin had a fab party and there were roughly a million people in our garden enjoying the fun! (This may be a slight exaggeration, but only slight). There was no rain, plenty of sunshine, a bouncy castle, a massive paddling pool that looked more like a water park (thanks Amy!),loads of balloons, an incredible amount of gifts and money for sensory toys, not quite enough food (doh!), too much drink, a beautiful birthday cake and smiles all round. Nobody could quite believe she was 8. It was humbling that so many people came (from all over the country!!) to celebrate with us. It goes to show how much she means to everyone and that is so wonderful for us to see. Elin's birthday isn't just an ordinary party, it's a celebration of a miracle and an acknowledgement of how special it is that the girl who almost didn't live for even eight short minutes has been bringing everyone joy for eight long years. She had a great day and followed it up with a birthday outing to see the BFG at the Cinema (which was fantastic and made me cry twice). Now, I'm off to choose her some new switch/sensory toys with her incredible amount of birthday money (which could frankly keep BHS afloat for another 12 months) Have a great day folks, keep smiling, enjoy the pics of our girl :-)


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