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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Father's Day

Nothing much I can add! It's been a tough week for Elin as she has had Bronchitis and the evil antibiotics needed have, as usual, upset her tummy and given her impetigo. She hasn't been sleeping too well and until the antibiotics started to kick in she was coughing pretty much continually. Not nice to see :-( Paul has been as always an absolute stalwart in caring for Elin and also for me when Ive been almost too tired to stand up! He never complains and even reading this sentence will leave him incredulous- he refuses to believe he's doing anything special at all. "But I'm her Dad". I think this is what I love most about what he does for us day in, day out. He just cannot see that it is anything special, that I would not be able to cope without him. That lesser Dad's would have folded by now, or at least shown moments of weakness. That he would be totally justified in being mardy when I  leave him *literally* holding the baby to visit friends or go out for a few drinks, but instead of being mardy he selflessly encourages me to go and have fun, to get a break (Maybe this is not a totally selfless act if Liverpool are playing or there is a new Game Of Thrones episode to be devoured, ha!) That he is not interested , as so many are, in a world of social media over-sharing (which I am not judging anyone on by the way -since I do it myself with, for example, this very blog! )  or showing everyone just what a great Dad he is. He doesn't care what the world thinks or whether people 'like' a photo of him and Elin and congratulate him on being so awesome. Because he just doesn't think he is. And that is WHY he is.
Happy Father's Day, folks

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