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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Thank you..

...for the incredible response to my previous post. It is now the most viewed post I have written since starting the blog in 2008. It has been shared by Scope Wales, which I find extraordinary. It has also been shared, amazingly, by the Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists, who emailed me to say they had picked it up and felt it would be useful for their students to understand a little more about some of  the children they would be working with and their families. WOW. I always say I will be completely honest writing this blog, as otherwise what's the point? Even though sometimes that can be really, really hard. But I guess a little honesty goes a long way.
I have received some wonderful emails from some of the parents who have picked my blog up just from the sharing of this post alone. I needn't tell you how lovely this has been, since a huge driving force for me to start this blog was that it may reach out to others in our situation. When Elin was born, it was the internet that was able to bring us the most comfort-various websites, social media groups and blogs by other families- given that at the time we knew of nobody locally who had been through the same thing. Now, my blog has been a source of comfort to others and the journey has gone full circle. Not that this means I am going to stop any time soon. Just wanted all you readers, sharers and champions of this blog to know what your time has meant to me.
It has meant everything. 
That I'm not pouring my heart out in vain, that people are interested in our girl, that we will never be alone in this- and that even complete strangers can kind beyond measure. 
So thank you.
You're all awesome :-)
Ruth x

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