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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Flying high

This is a pretty fantastic video of Elin taken at school, clearly showing her indicating that she wants 'more' of something. In this case, its more of the song 'Puff The Magic Dragon' please!!! Elin's support worker lets her listen for a while, then cuts out the music. She will only start it again once Elin 'shouts' for it (by vocalising as best she can). Not only can you see Elin 'singing' along to the song and visibly loving it, but (on the second time in particular) her facial expression changes INSTANTLY when the music is turned off. She waits, then clearly 'shouts' for it to be turned back on. Elin's support worker touches the side of her mouth to indicate to Elin that she is waiting for her to shout before she will turn the music back on.  I cannot express how it feels to see Elin communicating in this way, small as it may seem to those unaware of her journey. But she has travelled so very far under the expert guidance of her teacher and support worker at school. We are so  lucky that this multi sensory, individually tailored and specialist education is available to Elin. We will never cease to be grateful for what it has given her and what it has given us to see her grow, in a more tiny way than most ordinary experience would deem relevant but in a bigger way than we could ever have dreamed.
"Children with special needs are like a butterfly with a broken wing. They just need extra loving care to learn how to fly"
She definitely has the extra loving care.
Keep flying, Elin


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