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Friday, 19 July 2013

Five years ago on Monday......

We simply had no idea if Elin would live. Each 24 hours was precious and miraculous.  You know what? Each 24 hours is still precious and miraculous.  I could not look at these photo's for the longest time, because I remember what I was thinking when they were taken and I could not go back there, in my head. But now they give me joy because on Monday Elin turns 5 and when we took these photo's we had no idea if the day would come. 5 was the 'age' they gave us. She may not make the next 48 hours, even if she does she may be so poorly she might not live to see her 5th birthday. Well, she did.  And she did it in style. So, so much to celebrate. Thank god for you, Elin. We love you with all our hearts. Happy Birthday.


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