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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A must read

This article helped me so much when I read a few years ago. Life with Elin at the time was transcending from the chaotic and bewildering to the absolute norm. Everything had begun to feel easier, less painful and I was starting to make sense of our 'new world', the shock and emotionial turmoil which had ensued from Elin's diagnosis at birth slowly but surely ebbing away. When I first read this it was like the author of the article had got inside my head and was able to express my thoughts and feelings about raising Elin, far more articulately than I could! We subsequently bought her two children's books, 'Just Because' and 'Sometimes' , which feature her own profoundly disabled daughter and make no concessions towards this fact, simply portray her as she is. I absolutely love the books and have bought copies for children of family friends, to help them understand that there are other children like Elin around and that, in their own way, they are simply perfect as they are.

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