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Thursday, 21 July 2011

More sweet, less bitter...

My post from Elin's birthday last year talks of bittersweet feelings around the time of her birthday, for obvious reasons. Isn't it funny how old cliche's sometimes come true though? Like 'time heals all wounds' . Whenever anyone told me everything would get better with time after Elin was born I wanted to punch them in the face!! I could not see how I would ever feel better about what happened to her. Then lo and behold her third birthday is approaching (tomorrow!) and suddenly I realise I have not felt sad about it this time, not really. It DOES become easier to bury some memories and feelings and I refer back to an article I posted on here a while back by Rebecca Elliot, mother to a severly disabled little girl. What she said resonated so much with us. Elin does not and will never 'achieve' an awful lot in life in the conventional sense of the word.(Think GCSE's, Sports Day's, Graduations, etc etc) but the biggest achievement in Elin's life really is that she is still here! Despite the odd's, despite a hell of a battle, despite a list as long as your arm of medical conditions, she is here and happy and robust and loved. This, of course deserves huge celebration, which is where her birthday comes in. Because it is a reminder of her immense achievement in the face of adversity. Her biggest and most wonderful achievement in life is life itself. We will never forget that. Each birthday brings gratitude beyond words for us that we still have her and love her and can tell her every day. Happy 3rd Birthday Elin, Mummy's miracle. Turns out time does heal, a little anyway. I can't wait to see what next year brings xxxxx


  1. Happy Birthday Elin! xx
    Love the picture :)

  2. Happy birthday, to your lovely daughter Elin :)It is the same for many of the families I have met through hospital visits and physio etc the biggest achievement for their children is that they are still all here. I hope next year brings you and your family amazing things as you deserve them and I promise you that for as long as I am here people with disabilities will have some have someone to fight for them.
    Be happy lots of love Shaz xoxo

  3. Happy Birthday Elin you have a wonderful family and fantastic Mummy. Hope you all enjoy the day.


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