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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

I'll be your dentiiiist!

First trip to the dentist today! I think Elin must have been excited because she sat brilliantly in her chair all the way there are for a good while in the waiting room before I got her out for a cuddle. She was doing her laugh which is extra loud and can sometimes sound like she is in some kind of pain....I noticed some people doing the 'look everywhere except at the noisy child in the wheelchair' eyes, but I didn't care at all, except I wish they had a good look cos they would have seen that she was laughing and how cute she looked. Anyway, enter dentist call in Elin's name...woah! Hang on a second! He appears to be some sort of cross between George lamb and George clooney! Well ok maybe not quite but he certainly had an air about him and I don't get out much, ha! Elin must have agreed because she flirted her way through the appointment. She noticeably looked around at the halogen lighting and the bright shiny white walls. Super-dentist was amazing. He spoke to her and even stroked her nose -her favourite thing!- without me telling him to. She did one of her best ever flashy massive smiles and opened wide like the best of them and he had a good look. He said her little gnashes were fine and as I worry about aspiration I should brush them without toothpaste, twice a day. Even though she doesn't eat anything orally, her teeth will still collect bacteria and produce plaque, so you have to 'disturb it'. Good job she had a fab new flashy toothbrush for her birthday! I was so proud of her today. Next time I am going to ask if she can have a sticker :-) :-)


  1. great blog thanks for posting it certainly made me smile. Yeah people sometimes act in strange ways, because they simply dont understand, i'm glad you didn't let it worry you. But yeah your right if they did look they would of got to see your beautiful daughters smiley face. Some people can be so narrow minded, but than you have people like the George Lamb cross George Clooney dentist who do the right thing, those are the people who make up for the minority of narrow minded individuals. I'm glad that dentist vist went well.

    Take care and
    Good luck with the next visit to the dentist.
    Kind Regards
    Shaz xx.

  2. Errrm where's this dentist chap then I could go a bit of George Clooney. Glad the weggies were all good. x


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