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Monday, 23 August 2010

The great divide!

Well, the website is up and running for my ex- university flatmate and good friend Laura Doddington's boyfriend, the awesome Dave's cycle across the great divide in order to raise funds for Elin. I cannot express how humbling this is and what it means to us as a family that somebody would take on such a challenge in Elin's name. To say it restores your faith in humanity would not be too great an accolade. Not only this, but the fact that so many people you don't know have read Elin's story on the website and donated has already caused us to have gigantic lumps in our throats! The site went live this morning and has already raised our beautiful girl 200 pounds. Simply incredible. The funds will be spent on varying forms of sensory equipment, to kit out a sensory room for Elin. Please visit the website to find out more..

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  1. Wow, that is fantastic, what a great site and what a fab chappy (he also looks a little like Vernon Kay). Has he got the local press involved, its a good story and one that may provoke a lot of interest (sorry my marketing background is never far behind). Good luck with it all. xx


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